Teeth whitening

Perfectly white teeth in Lausanne.

The teeth whitening technique is undertaken when the staining is internal (age, and/or genetic influence on tooth colour) and removal of tartar no longer lessens it.

If the products and methods used in future totally respect the integrity of the enamel, other considerations come into play, and should be reflected in whitening procedures. The shade of colour of your teeth is linked to the pigmentation of the skin, and the colour of the lips and gums. Even when your teeth have been lightened, your smile should still be in harmony with the rest of the face. The smile is the first impression to emerge of a person and should be totally compatible with his or her physique and even personality.

The Hollywood smile has had its day. In future, smiles should be customised. The practitioner must also assess well this interest in lightening. If the teeth are flawed, lightening them will only make this more visible. Several techniques have been in existence for around ten years for lightening enamel and restoring sparkling teeth. They have considerably improved in the meantime and in future will achieve a very natural colour without triggering major unwanted effects.

The technique

The most common technique "home bleaching". Your dentist makes a flexible plastic cradle compatible with your teeth, into which you place more often than not a hydrogen peroxide-based gel. You then attach this cradle to your teeth and keep it there all night for around three weeks. This same technique can be done at the practice. The product is then more concentrated (it increases from 22 to 35 %), once applied it is left on for 25 minutes, and three to five sessions are necessary, at the rate of one session every 15 days. A new more effective method employed at the practice has just been developed. This involves placing 35 % hydrogen peroxide in a cradle, which is held firmly on the teeth and placed under a UV lamp. The results are even more convincing. Thanks to all these whitening techniques, teeth can be lightened by around one or two shades and the effect lasts around 5 years, subject to avoiding beverages and smoking which yellow the teeth, having good dental hygiene and regular removal of tartar.

The drawbacks

The only secondary effect observed is hypersensitivity to heat and cold, which can be treated with fluoride tablets after whitening.

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