Laser treatment

Lasers enable dental surgeons to carry out high-quality work

The laser is a non-rotating and non-invasive tool, i.e. no instrument penetrates the linings of the mouth. The precision of the laser avoids damage to tissue adjacent to the area being treated.

Lasers have biostimulation effects, which facilitate regeneration and healing of tissue much more rapidly than with traditional methods (scalpel or electrosurgery).

The antibacterial effect of the laser beam significantly reduces the risk of post-operative complications and fosters healing.

Lasers prevent caries through the hardening of the dental enamel they trigger.

Within the context of periodontics treatment, the laser enables the « saving» of loose teeth.

The clinical results are predictable.

The laser is a very effective non-surgical tool for the treatment of periodontal pockets. It cleans and disinfects the pockets through its sterilising, anti-inflammatory and biostimulating action. Linked with possible removal of tartar, dental laser surgeons often obtain remarkable results, with restoration of the bone. This treatment enables reattachment of tissue along the tooth root, which reduces, and even eliminates dental movement. It also aids elimination of bleeding gums and bad breath of gingival origin.

The laser respects the gums, unlike surgical periodontal treatment, which can lead to significant losses of gingival tissue, which makes the smile look unsightly.

Laser treatment hence helps patients keep their teeth longer by preventing tooth loss, caries and recurrences.

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