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Tooth devitalisation

When caries is too deep, it will unfortunately be impossible to keep the living tooth. Once dental pulp has been affected, it is necessary to proceed to devitalise the diseased tooth in order to prevent pain (and the inevitable toothache). Devitalisation takes place under local anaesthetic.

1 - The first stage consists of removing the dental pulp tissue and then disinfecting the area. In fact, caries may have contaminated the pulp and even caused partial or whole necrosis of the root canals: it is this which causes classic toothache. Once cleaned and emptied, it will be necessary to shape the root canals to prepare them for plugging. This operation can be guided with the aid of radiography plates for more sinuous roots;

2 - Once the roots canals have been completely prepared, they are plugged;

3 - Finally, the dentist will reconstruct the shape of the tooth in order to return it to its natural purpose. In general, it is rare to leave a devitalised tooth « unused » because it is much more fragile.

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