For perfect teeth at every age.

Dentures �- also a preventive measure to improve your everyday life and keep you smiling.

What are the procedures?
A fixed denture reinforces a tooth.
It can also replace one or more missing teeth.
It enables you to regain important good chewing functions for your health in general: avoid digestive problems and displacement of other teeth, and your teeth regain their aesthetic function through their shape, colour and alignment.

Which type of denture?
A fixed denture covers and lends support to existing teeth.
A removable denture is used when there is not enough dental support. In some cases, an implant �of a small piece of metal set in the bone by means of a surgical procedure �can anchor fixed or removable dentures.

Removable denture

Which removable denture?

The choice of denture depends on the number of teeth being replaced and the material used.
Partial dentures are held in place with hooks or clasps.
Full dentures function on the principle of the juxtaposition of two identical surfaces, the saliva between the gum and plate having created « adhesive suction ». This type of denture requires a very detailed dental impression. With these dentures, your diction is sometimes subject to change for a few days. After this time and with the aftercare provided by your dental surgeon, your denture will fit like a glove to the point where you will be self-conscious about removing them, for example, for repair or alteration.

Which material?
You may be offered several types of dentures, depending on the materials used and the number of teeth being replaced. Some dentures are resin-based, others are made from a metal plate casting. Metal is essential for its strength and enables thinner plates to be obtained. In terms of partial dentures, metal enables the supporting area to be reduced and has regard for the gums around the remaining teeth. Resin enables the constructions to be less costly. It is particularly suitable for provisional dentures which are essential at the point in time of extractions.

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